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Are you ready to make profound changes in your life and relationship – to live your most self-fulfilled and happiest relationship?

Are you overwhelmed with your “to do” list and looking for ways to accomplish what you intended to do – your goals or the outcome that you desire?

Does it feel like the goals you’re been chasing are not what you really want? Do you find yourself wondering if this is all there is in your life?

With the right guidance, you can achieve things you never thought possible and get real, tangible results in the end. If these are what you are aiming for, you are in the right place.   I’m so glad you’re here!

Hi! My name is Pacita Florida. I am a baby boomer, an empty nester, and a serial entrepreneur.
My mission is to help midlife and older women like you, to gain clarity of your life purpose, re-assess your priorities and find a new direction for your future that will enable you to have stronger and more rewarding life personally and professionally.
I will guide you to operate out of the core of who you are rather than responding to the world’s calling and living from the outside in.

I use mindset, best business practices, and life-changing principles to help you reference your life from vision and possibility instead of fear and avoidance, thus empowering you to overcome your greatest challenges in life, reduce overwhelmed and minimize procrastination.

The reason I started my business is I feel that it is my time to give back to society what I’ve learned and experienced, and in some way create a community of women who are passionate and motivated to share the knowledge they’ve learned to improve the quality of life of others and make this world a better place to live in.

I started doing this kind of work because I kept seeing and meeting “older” women who want a better life and who seek out opportunities to be who they are meant to be are being stereotyped as “over the hill” and incapable of re-inventing themselves.

Age is just a number and if you happen to resonate with my mission and method, you are welcome to look through my site or book a free chat call with me to find out how I can best serve you.I will not be selling you anything on this call  

Here is where I talk about myself and how awesome I am but also mention a few things I am not so good at. I need to tell my story of how and why I do what I do, and how I can help my customers.

This Is My Story

I have a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry and a Master in Business Administration. I am also a certified six-sigma engineer and a computer technology enthusiast, which means I love learning and teaching geeky computer stuff to people who are not tech-savvy to help them deal with the emerging technology.

First BusinessI created my first offline business, a candy and ice cream store, at age 29. I made so many business mistakes that the business failed in the second year with me losing thousands of dollars and, worst of all, my best friend’s friendship, who was my business partner at the time.
I stayed away from creating businesses until I was in my 50’s when I started 2 online e-commerce sites and a blog to drive traffic to my e-stores.
I did this to take my mind off my demanding 6-figure income job as the quality project manager of a Forbes 500 firm
My e-commerce siteIn my mid-50’s I was diagnosed with work-related stress syndrome. I was told to either quit my 6-figure income job or find another job before I find myself 6-foot under.

So I quit my job and opened a business service and consulting firm with my husband who is on medical leave from his ministry at the time while continuing to grow my online businesses. I enjoyed what I was doing – helping people create their businesses and coaching them when they get stuck.

In 2010 my husband decided that he is well enough to return to the ministry and so I closed all my online businesses and leave my business services company with my son at the helm to be with my husband wherever he will be assigned as the resident minister of one of our locales (parish).

Five years later, my husband retired from the ministry and we moved to Las Vegas. Retirement is not for me. I applied for a corporate managerial position that I am fully qualified for.

After several positive and promising phone interviews, I was chosen as one of the two finalists for the position out of 10 applicants. I was invited to come to the plant for a full day of face-to-face executive panel interviews. Sadly, I was turned down in favor of a younger woman who only has 2 years’ experience right off college and none of them are in a supervisory or managerial role.

That was when I felt the stigma of ageism. If this is happening to me, it could be happening to others. After being depressed for several weeks, I picked myself up and decided to restart my business career, and this time I want to leave a legacy that I helped 1,000 women in midlife and older to create a lifestyle business that they love and that will give them freedom from being affected by the perils of getting older in this society.

Join me to prove to the world that even if age discrimination is still alive and well in the corporate world, an online business does not care about your age, how you look, whether you speak with an accent or you’re a great public speaker. Your audience only cares about how you can help them.

We will work together in transforming your passion, accumulated years of experience, and learned life lessons both happy and sad to take you from where you are now to where you want to be when you grow up.

“If not Now, When?”

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