Emboldened Relationships

Emboldened Relationships is an online course and workshop that will embolden your couple’s bond by providing you, with or without your partner’s participation, with tools, strategies, and actionable principles that, when applied to your life, will improve and strengthen your current relationship into one with greater depth, meaning, and intimacy without the drama and toxic conflict.

 Emboldened Relationships is designed for married or cohabitating couples, newlyweds, or who have been together for a long time and who desire to deepen and enhance their friendship and relationship.

In this age of information and "instant gratification," marriage requires more skills in negotiation between partners than before because less is automatically accepted, and a good deal needs to be decided. This is true for any long-term relationship, whether the partners are married, living together, same-sex partners, or devout Christian couples.
The tools and strategies for enriching your relationship or repairing your relationship troubles that I teach in this course are grounded in scientifically proven principles and from my experience being married for over 40 years to my husband. He has been a pastor for more than 30 years.
I'm a Certified Master Life Coach and a Relationship Facilitator. I choose to focus on helping couples feel safe and loved in their relationships, heal old hurt and collaborate to meet their marriage's or bonding's needs. I love teaching what it takes to have relationships that work.


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