Hi! My name is Pacita Florida
Master Life Coach, Relationship Facilitator and Seven Principles for Making Marriage Last Leader

Imagine living your most self-fulfilled and happiest relationship with yourself or with your life partner and freely expressing that overwhelming love in everything you say and do.

Imagine blissfully living with the love of your life, secured with a strong foundation of your lasting relationship.

Do you see it? Happy, long-lasting relationships always have you in the mix. It’s not only profoundly knowing your life partner that counts towards a happy ever after love. It involves the relationship you have with yourself.

What is the significance of this? When you transform your relationship with yourself into a better version of yourself, you effectively change your relationship with your partner into a happier, lasting one.

Let me show you how to transform your passion, experience, and learned life lessons, both happy and sad, to take you from where you are now to where you want to be.

My Story

Here is where I talk about myself and how awesome I am (wink) but also mention a few things I am not so good at. I need to tell my story of how and why I do what I do and how I pivoted my career from a successful manager of a Fortune 100 firm to an astute serial entrepreneur, then to a compassionate Master Life Coach and Relationship Facilitator.

In my fifties, I was diagnosed with work-related stress syndrome. My doctor told me to quit my 6-figure income or find another job before I find myself 6-foot under. I created several online businesses primarily to keep me busy, but I found out I like coaching people on how to create online businesses. I studied different coaching courses that certified me as a Master Life Coach.

My undergraduate degree is in Chemistry with a minor in psychology. If I knew then what I know now, I would have changed my major to psychology in a heartbeat. I love coaching and helping people like you reference your life from vision and possibility instead of fear and avoidance, thus empowering you to overcome your greatest challenges.

As a serial entrepreneur, an MBA graduate, and a certified Master Life Coach, I started coaching midlife and older women to gain clarity of their life purpose, re-assessing their priorities, and find a new direction for their future that will enable them to have a more rewarding life personally and professionally.

Then, I realized that most of the women I coached needed not just their rewarding professional career but their personal relationship with themselves and those they love as well. When someone so dear to me had a heart-breaking experience losing what he thought was his “soul mate,” I needed to help him, and I decided to embrace what I had been turning my back on and become a relationship facilitator and coach. I took certification courses on relationship coaching and facilitation.

I used what I’ve learned from my practice and from my own experience being married to my husband of over 40 years. It is not always sunshine and roses in those years. We separated for a while several years ago, but we solved our differences and went back together, with stronger love and happier life together. No relationship is perfect, but it doesn’t mean there is no hope for a happy, fulfilled, and lasting relationship. I have one, and you can have one, too.

Knowing that I made a difference to people, I can genuinely say that I can help you operate out of your core of who you are rather than responding to the world’s calling and living from the outside in. 


What People Say
Less than two weeks before my wedding, my fiancé broke our engagement and canceled the wedding, claiming, “I love you, but I’m not in love with you.” It broke my heart, and I felt that I could never recover until I met Pacita, who helped me move on and taught me skills to use in a relationship. Now, I am happily married and expecting our firstborn in December.
J. Mercer

Before I met Pacita I felt like the goals I’ve been chasing are not what I really want. I was wondering if this is all there is in my life. She helped me clarify who I am resulting in the best version of me.
L. Martin

My husband and I thank Pacita for revitalizing our marriage through the skills and practices she taught us. I can still remember her quote that worked well with us, “Conflict is inevitable, Combat is optional, Commitment is crucial.”
G.S. Warren

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