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Emboldened Relationships

Most couples desire a happy marriage that lasts a lifetime, but we know that many couples do not achieve one. Although the divorce rate has come down a bit in the United States from almost 50% years before, what we see now is a leveling off at what still remains a high rate.

In this age of information and “instant gratification,” marriage requires more skills in negotiation between partners than before because there is less that is automatically accepted and a good deal needs to be decided. This is true for any long-term relationships, whether the partners are married, living together, same-sex partners, or devout Christian couples.

Yet, how to find and stay in a healthy, happy relationship is not taught in our school system and we are left with trial and error using our own observations of couples we know or read about. I have seen these over and over again. Now, I am here to help you navigate the “storms” that pass through your otherwise happy relationships.

How can I help you?
I’m not a therapist nor a counselor. I’m a Certified Master Life Coach and a Relationship Facilitator. I choose to focus on helping couples feel safe and loved in their relationships, heal old hurt and collaborate to meet the needs of their marriage or bonding. I love teaching what it takes to have relationships that work.

The tools and strategies for enriching your relationship or repairing your relationship troubles that I teach are not only grounded in scientifically proven principles but also from my experience being married for over 40 years to my husband who is a pastor for more than 30 years.

Life Transformation

“There are moments in our life that we wished we have done more, be the person we envisioned ourselves during our youth. It is not too late to be what we wanted to become. Find your life purpose and start anew.”
Pacita Florida

Does that quote resonate with you? Do you feel that there is more the world has to offer you? Do you want to finally find the true happiness that has been eluding you for so long?

Let me guide and help you transform your life into what you’ve been dreaming of – achieving your goal, creating a profitable business or establishing a life-work balance.

Age is just a number. It is never too late to redesigned your life and bring the real you forward!

What People Are Saying

“Before working with Pacita, I was all over the place – juggling working in my several businesses and my family life. She helped me gain clarity on what matters most to me and gave me a step-by-step process that helped me identify how to have both happy, fulfilled, healthy relationships and a successful business. She is very giving of her resources, and I am absolutely ecstatic to have worked with her.”
Lori S.


“I had the pleasure of working with Pacita in the mid-2000 when I was just starting out. I admire her professionalism and her ability to give me concise and clear direction in an organized and caring way. With her coaching, I overcame my limiting beliefs, improved my relationships and build my self-confidence.!”
Robin W.

Stay-At-Home Mom

“If you are looking for help in starting or growing your business, and you want someone who is insightful, systematic and relatable, then you’re in great hands with Pacita Florida. She will help you think outside the box and then break things down into actionable steps so you get results!”
Julie T.

B&B Proprietor


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